I could have done better ...

" ... I had a strong desire to take a self portrait that night after work, but ended up going out and getting drunk. I resolved to take them later in the week, but by then I had lost interest and only really did it because I needed to use up the film... " 

Sydney 2017

" ... Our place gets a slither of light once a day through  one of its few windows. That day, perhaps to spite the perfect day outside, I stayed home and did absolutely nothing of note.  A part of me felt that I should go outside, as I wanted to take photos, but again perhaps to spite myself (or perhaps thanks to my laziness), I stayed in and took photos of the very brief golden hour that happens in my kitchen once a day ... "

Sydney 2017

"... when we finally got there we felt too awkward to go outside, so I took photos of our room while he fell asleep on the floor ... "

Kuroishi 2017